We recruit top talent in the property restoration industry

We have seasoned, knowledgeable staff that consult and partner with you to accelerate your talent acquisition goals.

We recruit the following:

We offer a comprehensive solution for securing top-tier candidates to advance your business.

Talent Solutions

Experience exceptional service crafted to meet your hiring demands. We ensure smooth transitions for candidates at all career levels.

RPS maintains a vast network of over 37,000 industry contacts, making us THE top choice for EXPERIENCED candidates seeking career transitions.

We have highly seasoned, knowledgeable staff that consult and partner with you to help support your growth and financial goals.

Steps to Transform Your Team

Initial Consultation

Assessing Personnel Needs and Goals

We begin with an in-depth review of your current hiring objectives.

Identify & Qualify

Recruitment Begins

We identify and pre-qualify potential hires through an extensive interview process and then present the candidates.


Selection Process

Following the interviews, a thorough debriefing occurs to determine compatibility.

Closing The Deal

Extend An Offer

Complete employment verification, contact professional references and final negotiations.


National Recruiters


Candidate Profiles


Cities In Our Network

Phil Lake, man in a black jacket and white shirt

Principles of working with RPS

"I'm proud to lead a company that exceeds expectation by providing a dynamic job search experience, diverse opportunities, and essential resources for their career journey."

Phil Lake

President, RPS

Profile picture of Hope Folk.

Principles of working with RPS

“We empower our clients and aim to make the process of job searching engaging and enjoyable. It’s exciting to offer the choice that contemporary job seekers demand, and the coaching to support the placement process.”

Hope Folk

Chief Operations Officer

Profile picture of Chris Lake

Principles of working with RPS

"When we collaborate with a restoration client, our objective extends beyond simply filling a position. We aim to embrace your narrative and enlist individuals who harmonize with your company's values and culture."

Chris Lake

Vice President, RPS

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