3 Ways To Manage Workplace Fatigue on Disaster Clenaup Sites

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Sometimes maintaining high company morale can be difficult in stressful workplace situations unique to restoration services. Workplace demands can easily contribute to employee burnout if you're not careful. Here are three ways you can plan ahead and avoid potential employee fatigue from one disaster site to another.

Have a Plan

The CDC suggests that employers have processes and procedures to relieve employees when unable to maintain workplace safety while conducting restoration services. Here are a few ideas employers can use to reduce workplace fatigue, especially during disaster restoration:  - Frequently rotate workers through tasks that are repetitive or strenuous.  - Schedule mentally demanding workloads in shorter periods or shifts.  - Allow enough time for employees to organize off-site affairs

Praise Employees

According to the Harvard Business Review, 40% of employees acknowledged for a job well done naturally perform better than staff members who rarely receive compliments. When employers publically congratulate on-site employees for their effort, it often keeps others motivated as well

Ask for Feedback

If job requirements are too stressful or sites inadequately staffed, individuals may ask for reinforcement. Recruitment agencies can help employers avoid employee turn over by supplying additional support to help get the job done. Additionally, when employers listen to employee feedback, they are 14% more likely to have lower turnover rates. For more helpful information about managing workplace fatigue and rotating employee shifts within restoration services, visit our blog.

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