5 Tips for Virtual Onboarding of New Hires

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Here are 5 tips for onboarding and supporting virtual hires!

1) Before the employee begins work, make sure to send them a digital package that includes things like the employee handbook, job resources, specific training materials, and a meet the team guide.

2) Help employees with the transition by using tools like Zoom conference calls or Skype to introduce the employee to the team!

3) Make sure to present employees with appropriate login information and access to all the tools he/she will need to work remotely. Additionally, make sure the employee is given a task tool.

4) Communication is essential; new employees need to be able to ask questions and request feedback. Help them by giving access to phone numbers and emails of the team leads and the IT department.

5) Don't wait to begin helping the new employee understand their transition from orientation into their work role.

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